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Homeschooler Hub is the place to share and learn with other homeschoolers!

We have our own social network! So without all the other clutter, you now have a safe spot for socializing with other homeschoolers. We also have a Homeschoolers pay Homeschoolers site that allows you to buy and sell supplies in the Supply Closet!

We also will be keeping you up to date with legislation and pending issues that affect your freedom to homeschool! This is finally the one place all homeschoolers can join and be noticed!


We need all homeschoolers to come aboard and start helping others. We are offering classes from world class tutors to help make your homeschooler a success! We offer advice from homeschoolers and help anyone looking to begin homeschooling! Come on and help us as we have a fun, exciting time. Homeschoolers are the last great American Heroes!

Why Do This?

Our own social network! Right in the Assembly is everything you do at those other social networks, just without all the clutter and drama. Private, secure and fun! You are hanging around other homeschoolers, both parents and children, so you can easily make friends!

Advanced learning We are getting world class tutors and other homeschoolers to make classes that we are offering our members! Start letting your child experience other topics like nutrition, advanced math, or World studies!

Homeschoolers paying Homeschoolers We have the first site where you can buy, sell, share or give old books, crafts, toys or handmade goods. You want to buy here because every vendor is a homeschooler! So you help a family financially along with getting some great stuff!!

Certificate Programs

We will soon be offering all kinds of programs and giving your child a certificate of completion for your records.

  • Assembly – Social Network!
  • Learn how to Homeschool
  • Help Families
  • Supply Closet – School stuff at a discount
  • Classes being offered!

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