Homeschooled children test at least one grade level ahead of public schooled children and have fewer behavioral problems

With fall quickly approaching, many schools are in session again.  Perhaps in some homes, school never stops.  It is estimated that approximately 2.2 million children in the United States are homeschooled.  When thinking of homeschool the common question is asked whether the education is as good as public school.  Studies are reporting amazing evidence to support those parents who labor to teach their children within the home.

Homeschooling group performed much better than public school participants in study

A study from Concordia University tested 37 homeschool students and 37 similar age public school students living in the same area.  The ages of the students ranged from 5-10 years of age.  Nearly all of the students lived with married or partnered adults.  Most mothers had a college degree for both homeschool and public school children.

The researchers then administered at 45 minute achievement test.  The results reported that the homeschooling group performed much better than the public school participants.  It was reported that the margin at which they did better was very dramatic.  In 5 of the 7 testing areas the structured homeschoolers were at least one grade level ahead of public school participants.  Homeschoolers tested a year and a half ahead in math!

Homeschoolers tested a year and a half ahead of public school participants in math

Researchers calculated the probability of getting these results due to random changes and found that the probabilities for science and calculations were 1.9 percent and 2.6 percent.  For word identification, decoding, and social sciences the probabilities were all below .07 percent.

If wondering if socioeconomic privilege tipped the scales, the study made statistical adjustments for differences in family income and mother’s education levels and homeschooler continued to keep their edge.

A 2009 study compared the long term success of college graduates who were homeschooled prior to college.  The study reported that 66.7 percent of home school students graduated colleges in comparison to 57.5 percent public school students.  The study also reported that home school students earned higher grade point averages as well.

Study demonstrates that homeschoolers had fewer behavioral problems than peers

In regards to socialization concerns, it appears that homeschool students come out ahead in this area as well.  A study from Seattle Discovery Institute had counselors watch videotapes of homeschool and public school children playing.  The counselors did not know which students were homeschooled.  The study demonstrated that homeschooled students demonstrated fewer behavioral problems than peers.

President Brian Ray of National Home Education Research Institute reports, “Public school children have, as their main role models, peers, while homeschool students have as their role models, adults.”

Next time you run into a homeschooled child or homeschooling parents be careful not to judge and instead give them an encouraging word.

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